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  • Thursday 13th September 2012

    Dear Parents,

    I would like to take a few moments of your time to discuss the parking situation at Drop Off and Pick Up times as we have already had one minor crash, one incident of road rage and one letter of complaint from a neighbouring compound.

    The long wall and gravel strip between the two school gates as well as the ramps immediately outside the gates are strictly no parking areas and signs will be placed there for Sunday morning. This strip of land is to be used as a ‘Kiss & Go’ area where parents simply pull in, drop off their child and then drive away. The more people that use this facility the better as it enables a smooth, efficient flow of traffic. There is ample parking space along the side of the compound directly opposite school as well as the large area of waste ground opposite school. There is simply no need to double park on the road outside school as this makes it extremely dangerous for other road users and, more importantly, the children.

    I would also like to propose that parents operate a voluntary one-way system whereby you approach school from Al Waab street in the direction of Doha and leave school heading out to Sports City Street. It is then a simple case of making a turn at the major junction between Sports City and Al Waab streets in any direction. Whilst I realise that this may add a few extra minutes to your journey time I am certain that you will agree with me that it is worth it to avoid accidents and ensure the safety of our children.

    Kind regards

    Craig Gamble

    Deputy Principal

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