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  • Dear parents,


    I feel that now would be a good time to follow up on the impact of our new parking procedures at school for drop off in the mornings. Whilst I am sure that we would all agree that the situation is far from perfect I feel that the new routines, especially the 'Kiss & Go' zone have made things a little better than before.

    I would like to thank all those people that have embraced the new procedures and who take the time to sensibly park a short distance away from the school and walk their children in and to those that use the ‘Kiss & Go’ zone, it really does help. However, we still have a minority of our parents that insist on parking directly outside the gates, or simply double parking on the road close to the three way intersection. As I am sure you can imagine this not only creates a terrible blockage for drivers to maneuver around but it is also extremely unsafe for our pupils and parents that have to cross the road and onto the premises. Could I also point out that the ramps outside our gates are our evacuation routes in the event of an emergency and to park outside them would impede the safe and swift evacuation of the site so please, NO PARKING OUTSIDE THE GATES.

    The ‘Kiss & Go’ zone has been working well when parents and drivers use it correctly. The idea is to drive a good distance along the zone and drop your children rather than park immediately as you enter it, as this simply stops the traffic directly behind you on the road. We are continuing to petition the local authorities to have the ‘Kiss & Go’ zone re surfaced which would then allow us to paint traffic and pedestrian marking s on it.

    Could I also ask that ALL parents and drivers pay attention to the requests of our security and maintenance team, they are members of our school staff and are stationed outside school for the safety and convenience of all our pupils, please move your vehicle if they ask you to. Finally could I reiterate the voluntary one way system with you all. If all traffic could enter from the Al Waab Street direction and exit via the Sports City Street direction I am convinced that would greatly improve matters.


    Kind regards,


    Craig Gamble


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