About us

Newton International School D-Ring was established in September 2007 by Mrs Afaf K. Al-Moadhadi and Dr Jabr Al-Noaimi. It caters for students from Pre-school - Year 8.

Primary consists of the Pre-school and Reception building, the Key Stage 1 building and the Key Stage 2 building.

All children are given the opportunity to learn French, Arabic, ICT, P.E, Music. Islamic is also offered for children who are Muslim.


An international community of learners striving for excellence and celebrating success.

Our Mission

We aim to provide the highest quality of education possible for students of all abilities. In doing so, we aim to positively encourage each student to achieve academic excellence, enjoy creative diversity, develop critical thinking skills and become lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

To achieve this, we will provide a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline and motivation. We will provide and maintain a calm, trusting and caring atmosphere where teaching and learning are meaningful and developed. We will work in partnership with our staff, students, parents and wider community to achieve our vision.

Standing before the vast ocean of knowledge and truth, Isaac Newton though...

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